The Governing Board is the maximum administrative authority of the IATS. The IAD, sponsor of the IATS, at the end of each five-year period of the GC Session (or immediately following it), through the Board of Directors, names the officials and the members of the Governing Board of the IATS. The Governing Board, in turn, nominates the President, the Academic Vice-President, the Vice-President for Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning the Vice-President for Finance, the Vice-President for Spirituality, the Assistant to the president, the Admissions and Records Director, and also the members of the Seminary Council. The Governing Board also approves the budget, the academic and professional programs to be offered and provides general orientation related to administrative matters, as deemed appropriate.


The Governing Board meets twice a year, generally during the time in which the Administrative Boards of the IAD meet. Between sessions, administrative matters are attended to by the IATS’ Executive Administrative Board, which is composed of members of the IAD administration and available members of the Governing Board of the IATS. This Board has the power to act, although it also sends recommendations to the Governing Board for ratification.


The Governing Board delegates authority to the Seminary’s Council to make decisions on academic matters; and to the Central Admissions and Graduations Commissions for matters concerning admissions and graduations; and to the Administrative Council for general administrative matters. These four bodies may make recommendations to the Governing Board when they deem it advisable to take into consideration its orientation.


The IATS’ Central Admissions Commission evaluates admissions to be made on its campuses. This Commission receives recommendations from the sites for candidates for admission into its various programs and about any other related subjects.