Proclamation: Christ-Like Communicating

The IATS inspires passion for proclaiming the Hope of the promised restoration and the Eschaton. The IATS encourages students to share through personal conversation, preaching, publishing, and the arts, the Bible´s message about God and the hope and salvation offered through the life, ministry, atoning death, resurrection, and high priestly ministry of Jesus.


Spirituality: Christ-Like Disciplining

The IATS fosters an environment that prepares graduates as ministers promising to understand and apply biblical values to their lives. The IATS affirms the importance of the student´s spiritual growth and development.


Academic Excellence: Christ-Like Teaching

The IATS inspires the graduate´s zeal for biblical knowledge and the development of personal and professional growth. The IATS promotes the growth of a mature understanding and relationship to God, His Word, and the created universe.


Service: Christ-Like Serving

The IATS fosters an environment that prepares promising ministers to engage in service to the church, community, nation, and world. The IATS promotes humble service, and the ministering to individuals and populations affected by poverty, tragedy, hopelessness, and disease.


Stewardship: Christ-Like Living

The IATS inspires commitment to the use and practice of responsible stewardship of its human, intellectual, financial, and physical resources. The IATS promotes moral, ethical, and social behaviors that are consistent with the teachings and example of Jesus.


Diversity: Christ-Like Loving

The IATS promotes initiatives to encourage value and respect of other cultures and faiths.